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Business Finance Sources

Sources of Business Finance

There are two types of source of business finance

               A. Sources of internal finance
              B. Source of External finance

Sources of internal finance

i.    Promoters initial capital
ii.    Retained earnings
iii.    Dividend equalization fund
iv.    Pension fund
v.    Provident fund     
vi.    Compensation fund
vii.    Welfare fund
viii.    Provision for tax
ix.    Provision for depreciation
x.    Over use of assets

Source of External finance
          External Source Two types
               A. Institutional Sources   
               B. Non-Institutional Sources

Institutional Sources   
i.   Commercial Bank
ii.  Investment Bank
iii. Development Bank
iv.  Insurance company
v.   Financial institution
vi.  Leasing company
vii. Money market
viii.Capital market   

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Non-Institutional Sources
i.      Trade credit
ii.     Accrued expenses
iii.    Advance
iv.    Commercial paper
v.     Inventory mortgage
vi.    Mortgage of assets
vii.   Relatives and friends
viii.  Money lenders